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Hemp Jewelry

Hemp JewelryAt Puff-n-Stuff/Novelty Shop and Hippy Boutique we pride ourselves in carrying the highest quality handmade hemp jewelry including hemp necklaces, hemp bracelets, and hemp keychains! Hemp jewelry serves as great gifts, friendship bracelets, or just it can simply add an authentic accessory to your wardrobe. All of our hemp jewelry is handmade to perfection. So come shop for hemp products, hemp twine, hemp cord, bakers twine, beads, hemp jewelry and craft supplies with us puff-n-stuff/novelty shop and hippy boutique in Newark, NY.

Hemp jewelry uses hemp twine material which is made from the Cannabis sativa plant, otherwise known as “Common Hemp”, which is cultivated to make goods such as food, fuel, clothing and textiles, cosmetics, paints, paper, building materials, and plastics, among others. Some types of hemp jewelry include bracelets, necklaces, anklets, rings, watches, masks, purses, and other adornments. The jewelry can also make use of other materials, such as glass, wood, bones, rocks, or gems.

For the best Hemp Jewelry in Newark, NY in Newark, NY, call and come visit us today! Puff-n-Stuff/Novelty Shop and Hippy Boutique. As your premier local Smoke Shop, we specialize in Vaporizers, Hippy Clothing, Hemp Jewelry, Local Artists' Boutique, and Wall Art.