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Local Art

Local ArtAt Puff-n-Stuff/Novelty Shop and Hippy Boutique, our new concept arts boutique is brand focused on preserving the art of handmade. We proudly and creatively display all things handmade. If you are an artist and have some amazing handmade items to sell, please contact us! So support your local art in Newark, NY, and come in anytime and check out our boutique art shop.

Smoke Shop and Accessories

Puff-n-Stuff/Novelty Shop and Hippy Boutique is your one stop shop for smoking accessories. There are many different kinds of tobacco delivery methods, each with its unique character. From glass pipes and water pipes to cigars and hookah tobacco, we carry them all.

As a head shop, we carry a wide variety of functional glass art, including premium quality pipes and bongs. 90% of our glass is blown locally right here in Newark. We carry pieces from many different artists so you are sure to find the perfect glass for you.

You can learn more about these and other smoking accessories by visiting Puff-n-Stuff/Novelty Shop and Hippy Boutique in Newark, NY today!

For the best Local Artists in Newark, NY, call and come visit us today! Puff-n-Stuff/Novelty Shop and Hippy Boutique. As your premier local Smoke Shop, we specialize in Vaporizers, Hippy Clothing, Hemp Jewelry, Local Artist Boutique, and Wall Art.