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Smoke Shop

Smoke Shop

The smoke shop is more than just a place to buy rolling papers. It gives the aficionado a place to explore the many different forms that tobacco has taken over the years, from cigars to e-cigarettes.

In addition to selling tobacco, we also offer a variety of related home accessories. Our tobacco shop holds customer convenience in high esteem, and we think that you should be able to easily find exactly what you want. When you need to find a specific type of e-cig, such as rechargeable e-cigs or disposable e-cigs, you can trust our shop. Those who are looking for a fine Newark, smoke shop can find one here at the Puff-n-Stuff/Novelty Shop and Hippy Boutique.

Hookah in Newark, NY

Many clients of our hookah shop enjoy shisha tobacco, an aromatic molasses-based concoction. Hookah shisha is light and smooth flavored tobacco. For those who don’t like the taste of regular tobacco or feel it is too heavy, it provides another alternative.

Many smokers of hookahs and water pipes see the activity as serene in its approach to smoking, where you learn to decelerate, grant relief from stress, and take time for reflection.

Our smoke shop offers incense that lets you can enhance your smoking experience. Smoking this flavored tobacco is definitely is an activity that has built up its own community of people seeking relaxation and some good conversation. Puff-n-Stuff/Novelty Shop and Hippy Boutique is a popular smoke shop in Newark, NY.

Glass Pipes in Newark, NY

The age of mass manufacturing has increased the value of handcrafted authenticity, and glass blowing is a perfect example of this. This artisan carries on a practice that dates back to ancient times, and the beautiful glass art that he or she creates can testify to the quality of this method.

Glass pipes and goods are created by using a tube through which breath is applied to a mass of molten glass. The resulting air bubble can be shaped by the blower, resulting in the finished product. This leaves the freedom to create a completely unique glass pipe.

There is still great demand for unique blown glass made in the traditional manner, and it’s easy to see why. They are possessed of a luminous and delicate beauty that machine production is simply unable to match.
If you are looking for unique glass pipes made by an experienced glass blower, you should check out Puff-n-Stuff/Novelty Shop and Hippy Boutique in Newark, NY. As your premier local Smoke Shop, we specialize in Vaporizers, Hippy Clothing, Hemp Jewelry, Local Artist Boutique, and Wall Art.